People just don’t get it.

except self injury is taking a razor to your skin after he breaks up with you (again)

^except no

Yeah. Self injury is a lot more serious then that. I know that and I don’t even do it.

well, self injury IS taking a razor to your skin after he breaks up with you (again). self injury is causing injury or pain to yourself… there is no such thing as ‘not enough’ self harm, it’s absolutely fucking terrible in any context, to any extent and for whatever reason. i feel absolutely awful for anyone who feels the need to cut into their own body, because i know how that feels and the last thing any self harmer needs is to be told that their self harm isnt valid or real. that’s just narrow minded :/

^^^ this. selfharm can be really bad but it is self harm when you take a blade to your skin after he broke up with you. i stopped cutting myself a year ago (i did it everyday) but after he broke up with me, i cut myself because i couldn’t stand the pain. si hurt myself so it is self harm. and what do you consider as “throwing up every once in a while”? if you do that, you also have a problem and maybe an eating disorder such as ednos.

^^bless you

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